About finvestor.in

finvestor.in aims to change the fortune of financial investors in India, by providing them access to investment advice as per their needs and hence resulting in a sustainable and bright future.
finvestor.in connects Financial Advisors with customers seeking financial advice for free. Financial Advisors are SEBI Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). Customer can rate and rank Advisors based on experience, hence ensuring the best services from Advisors Customers can also use the free tools to get instant automated suggestions on insurance and investment.
Please refer the link by SEBI at http://www.sebi.gov.in/cms/sebi_data/attachdocs/1424862077270.pdf for details on Registered Investment Advisors.
The idea of finvestor.in was born in 2014 when a retired defense officer and a neighbour of the founder of finvestor.in, Krishna Rath, was mis-sold a ULIP. It was shocking to see how bank agents could palm off incorrect products just to earn commissions. The ULIP a market linked insurance product served no purpose to a retired senior citizen. Krishna also realised that his mother was sold a dynamic bond at a public bank office, when she had just gone to check the bank balance. It became clear that to earn a few bucks of commissions, bank agents could sell products that may not fit a person’s financial needs. Krishna contacted his friend Rahul and both of them decided to spread awareness about Fee based planning. With SEBI bringing in new regulations on who can provide financial advice, finvestor.in is poised to be a key players in spreading awareness about financial planning and also enabling investors get connected to the best financial advisors of this nation.
Key People Behind finvestor.in
  • Krishna Rath
  • - 15 years in IT industry and an RIA. Loves to be involved in places where technology can help people. After resolving the problems of several 'Fortune 500' finance companies, Krishna decided to solve the one major problem of millions of Indian financial investors - getting the right advice - finvestor.in was born! Krishna is BTech from College of Engineering Trivandrum and EPGP from IIM Indore.
  • Rahul Malewar
  • - Co-founder of finvestor.in, Rahul is a successful serial entrepreneur, and has established Pune's best training center for DW/BI/Big Data at LearnWell, Pune. He is responsible for getting the best talent for finvestor.in by leveraging his network of top professions around Pune. Rahul is a B.E from University of Pune.
Those who helped make the idea come alive
  • Sumit Bhargav
  • - Sumit designed and developed the code for finvestor.in and brought it to action. "A 5 star performer" - Krishna Rath, founder finvestor.in. You may see his Profile on Elance.com
  • Vakilsearch.com
  • Vakilsearch is the first choice of finvestor.in for any work on compliance. Fast, quick and really hassle free!! You realize the true value of VakilSearch after you interact with the local CAs, CSs.
The Technology on which this is built
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Thanks to being a part of Mircosoft Bizspark program , finvestor.in can be developed with the best of tools and hosted in the best of services
  • Instamojo Payment
  • Instamojo is the easiest payment gateway partner for startups. Diverse options and instant support! Thanks for providing safe and secure payment at affordable prices